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We provide comprehensive telephone customer services. We conduct inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns using a variety of communications with the customer.

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If you live in Kraków, Łódź or in the vicinity of these cities, have time to spare a pleasant voice and like talking to people on the phone – we are waiting for you

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CBB Call Center

We specialize in providing comprehensive telephone customer services. We are one of the most modern and biggest telemarketing centers in the southern part of Poland. In the Polish market, we have been successfully providing call center services since 2001. At the moment, the biggest portion of CBB operations comprises the financial, informational and sales services to customers of Bank Pekao SA – the owner of CBB. Our work for the Bank as well as the members of the Capital Group of Bank Pekao SA makes us apply the highest banking standards as regards the security of personal data and the quality of services provided. Engaging in comprehensive services to the Bank’s customers, for a number of years we have gathered experience in professional technical customer service (for the Bank, we provide, amongst other services, a helpline, tele-services, telephone surveys and telephone sales). We are supported by a strong partner and many years of experience – all this enables us to professionally and successfully provide direct marketing services to other companies from outside of the financial sector. We specialize in conducting telemarketing inbound and outbound campaigns in which we operate helplines, provide consumer services and conduct telephone surveys of customer opinions and preferences. We also carry out sales projects and engage in telephone debt collection. In contacts with your customers, we use a variety of communication channels: telephone, Internet, text messages (SMS), e-mail and direct mail. We offer you advanced technological solutions which enable us, without any major (time, technical or financial) limitations to customize CBB’s own call center’s systems to meet your specific needs and demands.

In providing services to your customers, we follow established procedures and standards which are adapted to the specific projects that we run. The credit for high quality of our work goes also to our employees – specially trained consultants familiar with the principles of telephone customer services and sales psychology. In order to achieve the desired effects of our projects, we dedicate people with the appropriate personal characteristics depending on the nature of the campaign, to ensure that we deliver the service to your customers that you require.

To meet the demands of your customers, CBB’s Call Center is adapted to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.