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Phone call is second, after indirect contact, very effective way to build and sustain relations with Clients and the possibility to talk to Clients by phone brings many varied advantages to companys


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The use of the call center in contacts with your customers makes it a universal tool valuable not only for the sales, marketing or customer service departments. The information in the database can be used and offers support for the entire company.

The offer of CBB Call Center includes:

  • Inbound campaigns

    Inbound telemarketing which comprises telephone conversations initiated by customers. The service is usually provided with the use of 0-800 …, 0-801 … lines which customers find out about from commercials in the media, leaflets or product information.

    Services within inbound campaigns:
    - Helpline
    - Consumer Service /Helpdesk
    - Transaction Service

  • Outbound campaigns

    In outbound telemarketing, it is the call center staff who contact your existing or prospective customers presenting, amongst other things, sale offers.

    Services within outbound campaigns:
    - Active Telephone Sales
    - Telephone Surveys
    - Telephone Debt Collection
    - Other

  • Loyalty programs

    An inseparable element of loyalty programs is the support for the company from its contact center which is available 24 hours a day to offer contact with customers on, for instance, receiving or sending messages, replying to queries and providing information about promotions.

  • SMS Campaigns

    SMS – short text message – is a channel of communication with the customer which is winning more and more followers. It is an interesting tool for direct marketing because of its excellent application, for instance, to sale promotions, consumer promotions or loyalty programs.

  • In addition

    In addition to conducting traditional telemarketing outbound and inbound campaigns, CBB Call Center offers you additional services – in support of call center operations that you carry out yourselves.

  • We invite You to know better CBB Call Center offer and to fill in contact application in case of interest in our services.