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We provide comprehensive telephone customer services. We conduct inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns using a variety of communications with the customer.

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If you live in Kraków, Łódź or in the vicinity of these cities, have time to spare a pleasant voice and like talking to people on the phone – we are waiting for you

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A well conducted telephone conversation by a consultant with your customer is not the only effect of a well designed campaign and perfectly trained staff. The credit for this goes to the technology applied too.

The heart of the integrated call center system is the CMI (Computer Media Integration) platform which integrates the equipment and all applications necessary for call center operation, such as:

  • ACD system telephone exchange which operates up to 10 000 telephone lines and enables parallel work of as many as 1,400 consultants),
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - interactive system integrated with databases. It enables, amongst other things, the recording of up to 10,000 messages, and creation of 10,000 voice mail boxes,
  • Recording systems to record conversations from several hundred positions at the same time, archiving, searching for, and playing conversations),
  • Outbound system to manage outbound calls.

The system’s structure is flexible enough to enable us, without any major limitations (time, technical or financial) to fully adapt the capacities of the CBB call center system to meet your demands.