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We provide comprehensive telephone customer services. We conduct inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns using a variety of communications with the customer.

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If you live in Kraków, Łódź or in the vicinity of these cities, have time to spare a pleasant voice and like talking to people on the phone – we are waiting for you

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"On the one hand, we have people who are most important, and who are a wonderfully creative team and an exceptional asset. On the other hand, we have developed very high levels of technology and IT. In short, we have our own, excellently and perfectly prepared team and IT system. At our call center, people are perfectly attuned to the technology. This is certainly a great strength of this organisation."
Piotr Jarosz – Vice-president of CBB Call Center

Engaging in our commercial operations, we are always oriented for long-term relationships with our partners. In our work together, we develop trust through the provision of high-quality and comprehensive services, meeting and often exceeding the demands and expectations of our partners who thus become our loyal clients.

The strongest advantages of CBB Call Center are our people and the technology we have at our disposal.

Our people are specially trained employees who know the rules for customer service and the psychology of sales.

To run specific projects, we select telemarketers who meet the criteria set by our partners and who have the right skills and personal profiles to match the project type. As a result, we are able to attain high effectiveness in the campaigns.

During each campaign, we assess what technology will be the best during project implementation and make an optimum use of our potential. For the purposes of each campaign, we develop applications required throughout the telemarketing process (depending on the type of campaign, these are calculators, applications for placing orders or browsers to look for the locations of shops or service points.) They enable more effective use of the consultants’ work input and considerably enhance their activities, which has an effect on the quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Lack of proper preparation or a badly devised telemarketing campaign adversely affects its results. This may be reflected in poor results or high costs or cause low project effectiveness. Because of this, we attach enormous  importance to designing the appropriate campaign concepts. Their foundation is, for us, precise understanding and analysis of the demands and expectations of our partners, detailed planning of the campaign, and expected results. Based on our partners’ expectations, we develop optimum campaign assumptions underlying the subsequent project implementation, advise on the choice of the most appropriate means of communication by proposing effective combinations of various communication channels.

When planning the campaign stages, we work on the basis of established customer service procedures and standards, adapting them to specific projects. We plan precisely the campaign stages and time span and the aims we want to achieve. This helps reduce general project costs and delivers high effectiveness.

We ensure full security of the databases by applying banking standards with regard to the protection of personal data.

We are characterized by operational preparedness – we are able to launch a campaign at very short notice and with built-in flexibility – for each project. We set the initial optimum number of telemarketer positions, but we are always ready to flexibly adapt the number of positions to match traffic intensity (e.g. for helplines). When planning the subsequent project stages, we try to anticipate various options that can develop – and where any of them does occur, we devise and prepare the appropriate scenarios. We flexibly respond to any changes in the concepts during the campaign, which are put in place quickly and flexibly, without disturbing project implementation.

We have experience in the implementation of various telemarketing campaigns. Several years of operation in the call center market enables us to work successfully with both small and big companies, and we invite you too, to join us in working together for your success.